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National NCX-5 transceiver owned by KA7NOC

Welcome to KA7NOC's "Amateur Radio website"

If you're a regular visitor, then you'll notice the huge makeover. I've tried to make my site more user friendly and easier to navigate ! My new format has been online for a year now . I've received quite a few favorable comments about my site over the past year , thanks to all who have e-mailed me ! I've also had my article about morse code "CW Facts and Operating Tips" published in two different newsletters from Australia ! Check out my "CW" page for the details . I've acquired several older tube type transceivers over the past year . One of them is a Galaxy V mrk II , not to be confused with my Galaxy V shown on my "BA" pages ! I've been working on the V mrk II over the last couple of weeks and she is purring right along ! As soon as I get it cleaned up and presentable , I'll put up some pics of it here on my site for your viewing pleasure ! This rig came with the external VFO , Deluxe Accessory console , speaker / power supply console , and a couple of other items . It's been fun working on it , the BFO was dead when I received it . After a few adjustments and finding a shorted out transistor , she is receiving just great ! The finals were blown as well , they had gotten so hot at one point in their life that the glass has actually warped and got sucked into the tube ! Somebody was really trying to squeeze every watt out of them ! Now with new finals , it transmits fine at about 125 watts . I've made several CW contacts while using the Galaxy V mrk II on both 40 and 20 meters . I've received favorable signal reports . To the left , you'll find links to my other pages of interest. I'll be updating this site on a regular basis, so check back often and look under my "Whats New" category. There you will find my comments regarding the state of amateur radio today , as well as my opinions on a variety of topics that are going on in the world today !

Enjoy your stay , please e-mail your comments !

KA7NOC's Boat Anchor page can be found at
Boat Anchor Page

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Last Updated : September 3, 2008

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