Lost Heroines:

Little-Known Women Who Changed Their World

For every ten men, one woman is represented in the encyclopedias.

Where are the other nine?

You'll find 36 fascinating, forgotten women in LOST HEROINES.

LOST drops some unfamiliar names...like Lozen, the Apache woman-warrior who used her psychic powers to help her people survive. And Lady Lovelace, the first modern technical writer, who introduced the computer to the world.

There's Gertie Bell, Britain's female Lawrence of Arabia. And Aphra Behn, perhaps the real creator of the English novel.

How about Jessie Redmon Faucet, mother of Black literature, who discovered vernacular poet Langston Hughes only to later quarrel with his vernacular? And livingheroine Julieanne Krone, the first female anywhere in the world to win a top-ranked horse race?

All in all, 36 women who made remarkable contributions in 30 fields...from science to novel-writing...governance to sculpture...aviation to mothering to archaeology...historical figures and achievements the textbooks mostly overlook!


Arsinoe II - She almost succeeded Alexander the Great
Behn, Aphra - Was she the real inventor of the English novel?
Bell, Gertrude - Britain's female Lawrence of Arabia
Besant, Annie - She became an Untouchable for liberating Britain's working poor

Bethune, Louise - America's first lady architect
Blackwell, Antoinette - America's first female minister
Bourignon, Antoinette - The saint banned by the censors
Bradwell, Myra - Barred from the law yet she saved Mrs. Lincoln

Boudicca - The general who gave the Romans their worst defeat ever
Cornelia - Was she the world's greatest mother?
Deborah - Judge, prophetess, & defense minister
Domitia, Empress - Perhaps the most disillusioned wife ever

Dorion, Marie - Her exploits rival those of Sacajawea
Dunlevy, Mary - The forgotten child-patriot
Emma of Normandy - Maker of five kings
Fauset, Jessie Redmon - The mother of black literature

Finnbogadottir, Vigdis - World's longest-serving female head of state
Germain, Sophie - The amateur mathematician who competed with the pros
Godiva, Lady - She did more than ride on a white horse naked
Goeppert-Mayer, Marie - The young mother who studied nuclear physics for fun

Guggenheim, Peggy - Poor little rich girl who started an art movement
Barbara Hepworth - Mold-breaking sculptor
Caroline Herschel - The Cinderella astronomer
Dorothy Hodgkin - Nobel chemist

Anna Ivanovna - The tsaritsa who was nobody's fool
Amy Johnson - Britain's Amelia Earhart
Julieanne Krone - She just loves horses
Queen Liliuokalani - Hawaii's composer/defender

Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace - The Victorians' Bill Gates
Lozen - Apache warrior-psychic
Maria Theresa of Austria - The other 18th-century Great
Molly Seawell - She fought women's suffrage and lost

Nettie Stevens - She planted a seed of modern genetics
Vigee-Lebrun, Elisabeth - Europe's portraitist
Wheatley, Phillis - One of our great Revolutionary patriots
Willard, Emma Hart - On whose shoulders we stand

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